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ReStore Pantry Makeover or How I keep Trader Joe’s in Business

One of my favorite places to score furniture is the Habitat for Humanity ReStore.  The locations in the NoVa area are huge, and carry items from hotel renovations, construction projects, and hardware stores closing.  Tons of vintage finds, and tons of tacky tacky furniture.  It’s all about finding the potential.  Some of the ReStores are in slightly sketchy industrial areas but its well worth the parking spot next to a dumpster.

While walking the aisles I’ve come across a vintage 1950’s oven range, a hot tub, and tons & tons of tile.  On a visit a couple months ago I found a sad little pantry sitting in the rain outside.  At only $20 it was a definite purchase. There were some great details and I liked the little vintage key hole. I convinced them to bring it in for the rain and returned the next day to haul it home.




It was obvious it had recently been painted with a thin coat of white paint, but no primer so it was peeling off easily.  I was able to use a scraper to get that top layer off to provide a smoother surface to start from. I actually like the green color underneath but it looked a little dingy and I wanted the details in the trim to pop.



I then added a coat of white primer to start evening the surface and help the next layer stick.



I used some basic semi-gloss white paint for the trim, then used a greenish turquoise for the door and side panels.  When I first started I thought I’d do a pattern on the door panels with some painters tape.  But after seeing the color on the pantry, I felt the pattern would be too overwhelming. It took two coats of the white and turquoise paint for the final look.



I left the key hole as is and added a magnet lock to the interior of the door to keep it from swinging open.  I also added a small glass knob to the outside.  Cost of both under $10 at Home Depot.



My parents paid a visit this past month and my father took measurements to build some add-in shelves.  Should have an updated interior after the holidays.  This pantry has provided the hidden storage I needed.  Don’t judge my Trader Joe’s hoarding………..

IMG_0265Total cost of the pantry and supplies was $40, great find for so much storage!

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