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Five for Friday

Its almost Thanksgiving! I’m excited for the start of the Holiday season.

It’s finally feeling like winter in DC, so I’ve been warming up with this tea daily.


I’m already a fan of the Stash Chai teas, they have so many spices.  I purchased mine at my local Harris Teeter, but you can also find them online.


For cold morning commutes waiting for the bus, I’m going for the Snood, part scarf and part hood.


In preparation for Holiday Hosting, I picked up some dishwasher safe placemats that look amazing in person.  I got a different color for each place setting. I found mine at Su Casa in Fells Point, Baltimore.  I think these should be mandatory for anyone with cats that are known to walk across the dining room table. I’m looking at you Coco & Max!


From their website: GO AHEAD – SPILL SOMETHING!! Top shelf dishwasher safe!   Pacific Merchants place mats are completely cleanable and easy to maintain!   For everyday use, our materials can be simply cleaned with warm soapy water or thrown in the top shelf of the dishwasher.  The fabric is so amazingly durable that it can withstand abrasive rubbing.  Extremely stain resistant & durable.  Impervious to bacterial growth – no mold or mildew.

There is no way I’ll be taking part in the Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday store madness.  My mother will be working on both days and I think its ridiculous for stores to be open on Turkey Day.  Instead, I’ll be keeping an eye on online sales.  I use slickdeals.net and bradsdeals.com to watch for deals.

I also started using Ebates this past year and look forward to the cashback for my holiday purchases.  So far I’ve gotten about $50 from Ebates, and now that they offer the funds as an Amazon credit, its a great deal.  Check it out if you are interested (affiliated link)

Last but not least, my skin finally caught on to the change in seasons.  If you are looking for a new skin regime, I highly recommend BareMinerals Skin Renewing line.  Sephora sells a trial size kit so you can check out all the products before making a big commitment.  My skin looks amazing when I use these products.


What are your favorite finds for the Winter season?

Will you be out in the Black Friday crowds?

Have a great weekend!!

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