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Thanksgiving is Dead

Okay, not really, but it’s in danger of being trampled by the retail shopping season.  I ask that you think twice before going to a store on Thanksgiving day.



Personally, my family will be eating Thanksgiving Dinner around noon so that a family member can go work a MANDATORY four hour work shift at one of the big mall stores.  Then they will also get the joy of working Black Friday and all its madness.  I can only imagine the desperation shoppers will feel if they can’t get their hands on floral arrangements and scrap booking supplies. If you go out and shop at one of these stores on Thanksgiving, you’re reinforcing the retail industries determination that its profitable to open earlier and earlier.

I understand that many retail workers need the extra hours and have no problem working the holiday.  But my family member as well as many others would rather have the day with their families.  The holiday retail season is ridiculous as it is, the amount of people that get injured or robbed on Black Friday is scary. I worked at Sears during the holiday season at it was absolutely exhausting.


I don’t plan on being highly political or opinionated on this blog, but I want everyone to think twice before going shopping on Thanksgiving Day.  Think of it this way, if the retail stores all stay open, your office might as well be open for business too.



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