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Ikea Holiday……..Go.Go Now.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, I got to visit my family in Ohio and woke up to a couple inches of snow my first morning there.



No, that’s not an ice rink in their backyard, its a huge above ground pool.  Anyway, if you happen to live near an Ikea, I want to remind you to get there and check out their Holiday decor.  I stopped by the White Marsh/Baltimore location the other weekend and grabbed some great additions to my Christmas decorations.

First up, they had tons of great LED lights and prices 1/2 those of Home Depot and even Amazon.  I bought two of the silver Strata stars for $9.99 each to add to my porch.



It took a lot of self control not to pick up these Strata string lights for $14.99, they would look amazing draped around a dining room kitchen light for some extra sparkle.strala-light-chain--bulbs-indoor__0210081_PE363547_S4

I also picked up this cute silver SNOMYS tree at $14.99, it should be a cat proof addition to my dining room table.


I know, a whole lot of silver 🙂  What most impressed me about the Ikea offerings was not only the affordable ornaments and decor, but also plenty of options for those that don’t have the room/time for a traditional tree.



They do offer online shopping if you can’t make it in person.

Happy get back to work Tuesday







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