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Pantry Cabinet 2.0

When I left off with the Pantry Cabinet project, I was successfully hiding my Trader Joe’s hoard. But there is obviously still a lot of wasted storage space. Even if I pile things like crazy…..


Lucky for me, I have crafty parents, specifically a father with his own woodworking shop.  So while they were visiting a couple months ago they took measurements for shelves to add to the cabinet.  I returned from the Holiday break with my new freshly cut oak plywood shelves in need of a paint job.


They may not be flashy, but they will add the storage without having to drill or damage the outer walls of the pantry.  I looked at options at Home Depot and Ikea, but everything needed to be drilled, anchored, or affixed.  So thanks to my dad’s skills, I had some sturdy shelves perfectly measured for my pantry with no other hardware needed.


I used the same white paint and primer as on the outside of the cabinet.


After one coat of primer and two coats of semi-gloss, and a few paw prints………I had shiny happy shelves ready to go!



I then let them dry a full 24 hours before throwing them in the pantry.


Here’s the first “leg” going in on the left side of the pantry. Once they other one is in place I just slide in the top of the shelf.  I lucked out in that everything fit perfectly, if it hadn’t, I would have sanded the edges until I had a good fit.


Look at that organizing magic!!! Here’s a closeup of the back corner of the new shelf, to show how snug it fits into the inside of the cabinet.


So pretty, so much more room for hoarding………I should have hid the junk food, only put the healthy snacks in front….. next time.


Now the pantry has gone from sad sad cabinet sitting in the rain, to a four shelf kitchen pantry with tons of storage hidden by cute craftsmanship.




Are you a fellow Trader Joe’s hoarder? Any creative solutions for limited kitchen storage?

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