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Five for Friday

Happy Friday 🙂 I’m working from home today and enjoying the snow views outside my windows.  My mind has been buzzing lately with which projects to tackle next, the amazing sales tempting me to stock up on winter clothes, and planning a vacation to look forward to.  Here’s a couple of my favorite things right now…..

1. One of my favorite ways to start my Friday is by reading the weekly newsletter from The Simply Luxurious Life, Shannon has a great way of including both high fashion and passionate living in her posts.  I get inspired every time I read it.

Luxurious life 1.22.14a

2. Ardex Feather Finish Concrete – Kara at Kara Paslay Designs has used this product several times to create faux concrete countertops and teaches classes on the process.  I’m eyeing the grey mix for my kitchen.  Currently my “fabulous” countertop is the original 1984 laminate with a shiny black coat of rustoleum countertop transformations paint that is showing its nicks and scratches.


3. It took all my self-control not to order this shoe immediately, featured by Capitol Hill Style Blog this week. Perfect balance of metallic and neutral colors.


4. Best Pet Cleaner Ever. Amazon reviews are amazing and after trying tons of products myself, this one is worth the money.  Every pet owner should have this on hand.


5. The key to Polar Vortex survival – don’t get sick! I love using shower tablets in the winter, they help to break up congestion and give you a little bit of spa time.  It’s hard to find them in drugstores, I caved and ordered these online from Drugstore.com. Lavender and eucalyptus smell great, the peppermint smells like your bathing with Tums tablets.


What are you stalking right now?


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