My Cat is an A$$hole

I need to take this blog post towards a cat lady/future animal hoarder topic.  One of my cats is driving me a little crazy, but I have a plan.

Adorable little Max came to live with me in October 2013 at 8 weeks old.


The first few weeks he had my undivided attention, I was impacted by the government shutdown and a furlough kitten was a great distraction.  Things went well, he keeps my other cat Coco company and doesn’t seem stressed when I dog sit or have company over.  Poor Husker was terrified………


Fast forward to January, Max has grown into an energetic teenager.  He has discovered his love of heights and is jumping on everything.  I’ve tried to train him away from jumping on the kitchen counter, no luck.  Then two weeks ago he was climbing around in the kitchen and knocked a bottle of red wine off the top of the fridge.  Yey, wine splatter everywhere. Here’s a pic of a ceramic candle votive that bit the dust.


So I’m on a mission to keep Max entertained, and to keep my sanity.  I’m not going to drop him off at an animal shelter.  Only LOSERS abandon their pets.  When I adopted him, I made a promise to take care of him for the rest of his life, through good times and bad.

Here’s how I plan to keep from going crazy…..

Keep him busy – Devoting time to him each evening to play with him and wear him out helps keep his energy level a little lower.  He loves the cat tunnels, its the only way he’ll travel down the hallway.


Reaching new heights – His love of climbing is part of a cat’s natural instinct, I plan on changing around some of my decor and furniture so that he can climb to his little hearts content. Some Ikea floating shelves will serve to let him climb the walls. And this little door shelf should give him an excellent view of his territory.


Training – Cats can be trained, just takes patience and understanding their motivation.  Max isn’t motivated by affection, he likes cat treats.  I also have a spray bottle of water that I’m using to keep him off the kitchen counter. My stove top is flat glass, so its dangerous for him to get comfortable jumping up there anytime he pleases. He could burn his paws, or even knock over a hot pan.  I’m using this spray on my power cords and tv cables to keep him from chewing and playing with them.


If you have a pet that you are having problems with, don’t give up.  There’s little changes you can make to keep you both happy.  He’s also giving me an extra push to declutter and better arrange my bookshelves, got to look at the positive side.

He’s really sweet when he’s sleeping………..


If all else fails, just laugh. Stop taking things so seriously and enjoy the utter entertainment your pets provide. And try not to laugh at me when I’m walking him outside on a cat leash.


Taking the 80’s out of my Bathroom Vanities

Ever since I moved into my place, I’ve been working to get the 1980’s builder basics upgraded.  I bought the place from a little old lady that hadn’t touched a thing.  Gradually, and with a limited budget, I’ve been working to make the place feel more like my own.  This past week I tackled the basic oak bathroom vanities in both bathrooms.  (Kitten shot, free of charge)


After seeing Young House Love approach a similar counter/cabinet combo, I decided to copy their method, even using the same color of PolyShades in Espresso Satin.


I won’t bore you with every step, I pretty much followed their technique and also spray painted my old hinges.


Quick shot before I took all the doors off. Then a shot of the twenty year old hinges to spray.


Then two light coats of primer. This was my first time using the primer spray and I could tell a huge improvement in the spray paint adhesion and cover.242


Then finally two light coats of Satin Nickel, good as new! It was crazy cold this past week, so I would shake up the spray paint can inside, then run out just to apply the paint. I then brought the hinges back inside to dry. No issues with freezing or drips.


I applied two coats of the PolyShades to the doors and cabinets with a natural bristle brush.  I really liked the consistency of the stain, much less watery then normal stain and I felt like I had more control during the application.  The door on the left below has just had the second coat applied, the one on the right has only the first coat.



I had to be patient and let the hinges set over a couple days.  As well as let the cabinets dry completely and brush with steel wool between coats.

Then, ta da, modern vanity that works with the off white counter tops.


Hinges look great!


The main bathroom vanity is updated too, here’s the before. And yes, that’s off white carpet, control your jealousy.


And the after, one of these days I hope to add another base cabinet.  I’m counting on one of my neighbors gutting their bathroom and putting the old one on the curb!


I didn’t get a single spot on the carpet!


The project cost me:

PolyShades $12.87

Rustoleum spray paint $14.00

Steel wool $3.00

Hinges & Handles: already owned

Wins: No paw prints or emergency trips to the vet

Fails: Installed the hinges backwards, then hung the doors upside down. Fun Times.

I know the 80’s fashion is back in style, but I don’t see the home décor making a come back.

How about you? Keeping your place authentically vintage or going modern?

Have a great week!