Design Help Needed!! – Patio Door

Oh hey, I have a blog, bet you thought I forgot about you.  The last month has been a flurry of out-of-town guests and work deadlines.  Now its springy and I feel like changing everything in my place! But one step at a time.

Last week I finally installed some new blinds, which are awesome and bright white.  Now the curtains over my patio door look even yellower and do not work.  Here it is in the background, behind the happy dogvacay guest. Most of my living room decor is grey, green, and shades of blue.



So now the dilemma, there are limited options compared to buying curtains for a normal size window.  This is where you come in, what would you do??

I can keep it simple, stay with a pinch pleated curtain and sheer liner underneath.  I do like the convenience of the pulley system but would want the thicker curtain to be more thermal.  You can really feel the cold and hot air through the glass.

There’s this option from JCPenney, regular priced at $280.


Add in a sheer curtain underneath and it costs over $400, if I don’t have a coupon code or sale.


I could also upgrade to a double curtain rod, it would give me more flexibility to change out curtains and provides more options.  It would also look more updated and less granny than a pinch pleat.



And some grommet curtains, I have these Martha Stewart thermal curtains in my guest room and they are amazing.  Beautiful quality and really block the light and draft. I could make the upgrade for close to $100.


Another option, take it more modern with a screen setup from Ikea. I’m not sure if I could get a thick enough screen to help with heat/cold weather, but it would look so pretty. I would probably need at least 4 screens across to cover the patio door. But since they don’t really fold up, they would always be blocking part of the view. It’s hard to tell how much hardware I’d need, but I think the screens would end up around $120 installed.


Last but not least, the old standby, vertical blinds.  I never thought I would think of them as an option, but it is the most common covering in my neighbors’ patio doors.  They do have more modern versions………. I can only imagine how much fun my cats would have attacking them. They would cost $140.



So what would you do?