Friday Randoms

Spring? Where are you?  Sadie and I have been making the most of the slightly warmer weather.  We went for two hikes recently both in Maryland parks.

Piscataway Park

A quick 35-40 minute drive from Alexandria, the park is on the Maryland side of the Potomac River.  The best part, farm animals!!  Sadie got up close and personal with some huge cows, goats, sheep, and turkeys.  There’s also a fishing pier and plenty of spots to sit by the shore of the Potomac and watch the boats go by.  Not crowded, entrance and parking is free 🙂


I’ve been trying out some of the trails around Baltimore with my friend Pamela, this past weekend we went to the Hilton area of Patapsco Valley State Park.  Next time I’ll park where the locals do, paid $6 to get into the park.  Otherwise a fun 4 mile loop with plenty of water and fun views.  About ten minutes into the hike Sadie pulled me into a creek, it was a pretty warm day so I pushed on and air dried.  There are a couple bridges you can cross and a couple beachy areas where families picnic all summer and swim.


I made a trip to Ohio recently to visit my parents and help wish this guy a Happy 90th Birthday!! That’s my sister on the left, and yes, we took him to Bob Evans for a Bday lunch. All important events in Ohio are celebrated at Bob Evans, FYI.


My brother had sent my grandfather an amazon birthday package which included a visor with a fake head of hair.  Grandpa has been bald for about 40 years, so he got a big kick out of it and wore it around all day.  He’s probably still wearing it……..

On the way back from Ohio my sister and I transported two dogs to a rescue in Columbia, Maryland, Mutts Matter.  The area where my parents’ live has overflowing animal shelters.  We follow the local rescue One by One Animal Advocates on Facebook, and they post when they need local rescue animals transported to other states.  Rescues in the DC area tend to find homes quickly for animals that have been sitting in rural shelters for months.  That’s also how I got Sadie 🙂

The first dog is  Hope, a Schnauzer Papillon mix



I had no clue until after the transport how much this poor dog had been through.  Check out the video the local shelter made about her rescue:

Hope is a sweetheart, you’d never know she was in such a horrible state.  She’s still available for adoption.

The other dog we transported is Emerald, aka Emmy, a Yorkie mix


Perfect little portable puppy! Also a sweetheart, loves sitting on laps and getting your full attention.  Emmy came very close to being euthanized at the shelter.  Luckily One by One intervened and she has been in a foster home since.  Emmy is also still available, check out her profile at

It was a great feeling to help these dogs get new homes, I’m sure one day I’ll see them strutting down Georgetown and they won’t even say hi 😉 And I won’t lie, the first 30 minutes of the car ride I was scheming on how to adopt them myself.

Hope you have a great weekend planned!