It’s Happening – Snail’s Pace Floor Install

I survived the great flooring pick-up of 2014, 91 boxes of laminate flooring.

The entire time I had this song stuck in my head:

After renting a Cargo van from Uhaul, I cruised down to Woodbridge in Saturday traffic to pick up the flooring with one of my friends in tow.  The Floor n’ Decor wasn’t busy yet, so I was first in line to pick-up the order, 1 & 1/2 pallets.  The guy with the forklift was skeptical it would all fit in the van. That’s the half pallet below…..


Thankfully it all fit, the tires on the van didn’t burst, and we made it back up I-95 to my place. In all it took two hours to unload the boxes with two people.  I refer to it as DIY style Crossfit.  I’d rented a dolly from Uhaul and was able to transport 6-7 boxes at a time.  Another benefit of living on the ground floor. 🙂

By the time the unloading was finished it was already 5pm so we called it a day.  On Sunday the fun began with ripping out the carpet/padding in the guest room.  Here’s what it looks like in its normal state, cat belly and all.


After removing all the carpeting, I was left with a concrete subfloor and two fun surprises.  I expected it wouldn’t be pretty, the guest room is Sadie’s favorite location for indoor accidents.  I wasn’t expecting to find mold, lots of mold.  And it smelled.









And a small crack in the concrete that ran the width of the room.



The carpet was installed right before I moved into the place, so I knew there hadn’t been any flooding or leaks that caused it.  I’m blaming my over zealous carpet cleaning to clean up after the pets.  I have a carpet shampooer that seemed to get the job done, but obviously the carpet wasn’t drying completely and mold was building up under the carpet padding.

After a mopping/scrubbing with bleach and water mix, the mold is gone and the room smells normal again.  I also decided to go ahead and patch the crack in the concrete.  It’s small, but I’d rather be safe then sorry and end up with another moisture problem.



Hope to make a lot of progress this weekend!










Goodbye Off White Carpet!

I’ve been living with off white carpet since I moved into my place three years ago. Here’s a pic from move-in day, every room has the same carpet, and every wall and ceiling a shade of vanilla.

Picture 006


I’ve added more modern paint colors to the walls, below is warm grey (Bedford Grey) paint from Martha Stewart’s paint collection with a light silver stencil from Royal Design Studio in the master bedroom.

Wall Stencil 007


I’ve known for a while that I wanted to replace the carpet with laminate flooring but had only been lurking around flooring sections without pulling the trigger.  Until last weekend 🙂

They opened a Floor n’ Decor in Woodbridge, VA this month and I made a trip last weekend to check it out in person.  One of my friends bought granite tile and laminate flooring from them and I’d seen for myself that they held up well.

I ended up walking out with 1200 square feet of Monaco French Bleed Laminate.



Which I’ll be installing myself…….. and storing in a small condo in the meantime.  Should be interesting……

I’ll be picking up 90 boxes of laminate with a rented cargo van this weekend to bring home, at least my neighbors will be entertained by this madness.

Have a great weekend!


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Checking In…..

It’s been a weird couple months, full of family trips, work travel and deadlines.  Looking forward to getting back to some projects and posting regularly.

Now that summer is in full swing, I’m using the crazy hot days to catch up on my Netflix queue. I somehow never saw Breaking Bad when it aired on AMC, just started the first season and it has me laughing every episode. I assumed it would be really dark, check it out if you’ve been on the fence like I was.



Like any other kid that grew up in the early 1990’s, I thought i knew most of the bands that were big in the grunge/punk scene.  I heard of Bikini Kill but they didn’t play their music much on the radio in Beckley, WV.  I watched The Punk Singer on Netflix and learned so much more about what was going on from the feminist perspective.  Interesting documentary, and I had no idea who she is married to, yeah, a Beastie Boy. Go Me.


With the start of summer I always seem to get back into reading after a long hiatus.  I don’t read the most intellectual books, a lot of scifi, thriller, and fantasy.  I checked out Written in Red from Anne Bishop and enjoyed her writing style.  Yes, there are vampires and werewolves, but it’s not a tween Twilight book.  Sadly they don’t have a lot of her works on my local Library free ebooks site, so I’ll have to actually pay to read them.  The price of entertainment.


Lastly if you’ve ever been to DC in the summer, you know it gets crazy humid.  This time of year I’m focused on commuting/office survival.  As in, don’t be the smelly person on the train at 7am.  Here are my favorite products for keeping cool and not being the sweaty person at the office.



 Spray deodorant is a must, during a hot summer day the whole body is sweating like crazy.




It’s summer dress season, and let’s be real, no one has a thigh gap.  This keeps your skin happy and can double as a makeup primer.  Creepy but true 🙂


I’ve been experimenting with some of the all natural deodorants, this one is refreshing and has a light citrus smell.  Not sure if it can survive a summer workday, but its worked well on the weekends.

500 (1)

Take it easy folks,