It’s Friday! Flooring Update

Hey Weirdos,

It’s Friday! Or as I now think of it, the start of a sweaty weekend working on the flooring install.

I also realized its now August, and I haven’t once hit the pool or beach, I have a lot of lazy to make up before summer ends.

Anyway, things are getting closer to the finish line on my little project.  My place has been looking a little hoarder like with all my furniture shoved in the bedrooms. But the cats were entertained, that’s all that matters.



I was able to finish the flooring installation in the living room, dining room, and hallway.

Here’s the living room stripped down to the concrete.




And now with shiny shiny floors!!! It took me close to 8 hours to get everything installed, luckily one of my friends stopped by help with the rest.IMG_0498

The hallway that splits the living room and dining room space.







I still have my bedroom to complete, the quarter round to install, and all the transitions to cut.  Fingers crossed this is my last weekend working on the project.





And guess which tool has been the most useful for this project?


The $2 putty knife I picked up from Restore back in the day.  It’s the perfect size for prying the carpet tacking strips off of the concrete .


Hope you have a fun weekend planned!

Say Hi to the Sun for me 😉