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Hello there – Life lately

Time flies when you are running around like a crazy person 😉  It’s also tough to post updates on home projects when your place looks like a wreck. Here’s a rundown of what I’ve been up to, looking forward to getting back into project mode on the blog.

Took a trip to Texas to visit my sister in her new city of Houston, favorite part was visiting a goat farm and learning how to milk a goat!



Then back to reality, the floor project is still at 95% complete, need to rip the carpet out of the closets.  Happy with results and hope it’s a long time before I attempt it again! Here’s a shot of the guest room mid-install and after.



My project focus has been a little side tracked by starting a new relationship, luckily the boyfriend is in to home improvements and isn’t scared of a concrete counter top project.  For Halloween I convinced him to take part in a scavenger hunt that involved dressing up as bakers and forcing the dogs into cupcake costumes.



Since wrapping up the flooring I also replaced some appliances in my kitchen.  When I first moved in three and a half years ago I had mismatched appliances with both the fridge and the dishwasher being a yellow “bisque” color.


I was well aware that a mouse had been living in the back of the fridge, but didn’t realize it was also traveling to the dishwasher are on the other side of the kitchen.


When I pulled out the dishwasher I found the evidence. Yep, that’s mouse poop.


I guess at least I know its clean now…………

Sears had some Veteran’s Day weekend deals that I grabbed up to upgrade to all matching white appliances. I got this Kenmore fridge for $427.79 with free delivery, $78 in shop your way coupon points, and used ebates to earn an additional $14 in cash back.


I then used the $78 coupon points to purchase a Kenmore dishwasher, total price $298.72 and $7 in ebates cash back.


Now the bright and shiny appliances are making it even more obvious how much I need to get rid of the beige cabinets.  I have a blueish gray paint just waiting for a long weekend to tackle.


So that’s where I’ve been the past month, thanks for checking out my blog and looking forward to more projects to come!


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