Pressure to Shop, Spend & Buy

I am the first to admit that I thoroughly enjoy shopping. If I’m having a crappy day, I will hop on my iPad and find something new and shiny to make my life better. This has led to four closets stuffed full of clothes, shoes, purses, etc. that I rarely use. This could be my future!


Over the past year I’ve been working on slowing down my shopping game and focusing on a more minimalist mindset.  Blogger posts about capsule wardrobes have been inspirational as well as the financial bloggers that focus on long term goals.

But the pressure of the holiday season is quickly unraveling my progress. On Cyber Monday I felt so overwhelmed by all the ads, emails, and promo codes that I didn’t even want to shop.  The combination of the list of Christmas presents to procure and the never-ending deals being offered daily creates anxiety that I’m going to miss out on the best gift if I don’t buy something right now.


Some of the pressure is my own making.  I get daily emails from all of my favorite stores and brands announcing the best deals and most wanted gifts.  Reading the gift buying guides from the hottest bloggers adds fuel to the fire. And then there’s actually going to the sites and sorting through the thousands of discounted goods.  It’s here that I often end up picking out a couple items for myself as well.

So here’s what I’m doing to try to keep my sanity this holiday season:

No Window Shopping – It’s when I wander through a sale that I will end up picking out items that my family and friends don’t really need.  No matter how good the deal, if they don’t use the gift, it’s wasted money.

Mindful Gifting – Along the same lines, be thoughtful about each gift and its purpose. Just because its the hottest gift of the season doesn’t mean its the right gift for my siblings.

Selective Email – There’s no need to checkout every sale or email.  Keeping my focus on the stores that I know I will be buying from will keep me from getting overwhelmed.

Budget – The purpose of the season is to share joy and love with those around you, not to max out your credit cards and miss your mortgage payment.  I have a special savings account that I auto deduct funds to during the year to budget holiday shopping.

Reality Check – Retailers offer discounts throughout the holiday season, there is no harm in waiting until next week’s payday or until you know what you can afford. If it sells out, so what? Its not the last cashmere cardigan on the face of the earth.

Take a breath – focus on the joy the gift will bring your loved one, and how much more relaxed you’ll be knowing it isn’t wreaking havoc on your credit score.

I hope your staying sane this holiday season 🙂