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All About that Money

Alternate title: I should have been born an Heiress

I noticed a trend in my readings/viewings this month and thought I’d share my observations.

Book – If you aren’t familiar with the story of Huguette Clark, its fascinating. I first learned about her story from a feature on the Today Show, since then there has been a book published “Empty Mansions”.

huguette.grid-4x2 Her family and life story are fascinating to me. She chose to live most of her life in solitude while living off a $300 million inheritance from her father’s copper mine fortune.  Spending the last thirty years as a permanent resident of a NY hospital while her Park Avenue apartment and two mansions sat empty.  The book starts with her father’s story and how he built an empire along the west coast in the 1800’s.  It’s interesting to see how much effort her father put into building the empire, and how little happiness it seemed to bring his youngest daughter. She was so cut-off from much of the world and weirdly obsessed with dolls.

Documentary – Independent Lens – Park Avenue: Money, Wealth & the American Dream

A film that examines the wide gap between the rich and poor as illustrated by the NYC elite.  The director does a great job of showing the excessiveness of the super rich compared to those living below the poverty line.

Blogs  – All the self reflection in January and reading the blogging world’s resolutions can make anyone feel unaccomplished.  Especially when it comes to financial bloggers.  This post from one of my favorite blogs Save Spend Splurge really made me think about my career options. In one month she was able to bring home $25,000. While also blogging full time and being mother to a newborn. Makes you want to put your resume out there…..and stop wasting time sleeping.


Netflix – Black Mirror

A dystopian future where the working class is born into slavery. Spending every day focused on “earning credits” while generating electricity in a never ending spin class.

At first it seems like another world, like it could never happen. Then you realize that its not that different from society today.  We work to build credits in our bank account to buy the latest shiny thing.

Just when I get obsessed with building my bank account, the reality of the more important things in life steps in.  Some of the riches people have also been the most miserable.  I have to focus on what’s important in my life.  For me it’s more about my family, friends, and experiences.  Fame and wealth would be nice, but I won’t be selling my soul to make it happen. But feel free to leave me all your money, I won’t turn it down.

Random thoughts,


One thought on “All About that Money

  1. Ooo but please don’t feel bad! I had already written many posts pretty much 2 years in advance in anticipation of having Baby Bun… 🙂

    I also spent a while not working at all so this is a welcome income..

    Thanks for the link back!

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