Obsessed: GBBS

I’m in prime tv watching mode, between the crummy winter weather and the urge to carb load, a baking show is the perfect fix.


The Great British Bake-off (or Baking Show here in the U.S.) finally jumped the pond and was picked up by PBS.  They started screening season 5 in early January.


Why bother with this show when we have so many reality cooking shows already running? For one, this one is actually cheerful and funny.  If I hadn’t seen this article on Buzzfeed, I probably would have ignored it. After watching an hour of Gordon Ramsay I want to yell at someone.

I also love seeing the unique British phrases and slang that are thrown around.

It’s fascinating to see all the different types of dessert they treasure that didn’t really make it over with so many of the British immigrants to early America.

It’s also led me to try my hand at baking.  Might as well, too darn cold to go anywhere!  So I’ve whipped up some batches of macaroons in the hopes of perfecting my baking skills.

Earl Grey macaroon with lavender buttercream


Pistachio macaroon with rose white chocolate ganache


I’m also stalking the interwebs and pinterest for the shows recipes to replicate later. Feel free to checkout my Pinterest board.

If you want to catch up with this season before the finale next week, Season 5 is on the pbs website for streaming as well as youtube.  Seasons 1-4 can also be found online, as well as two seasons of the Great Irish Bake Off.  Fair warning – you’ll need subtitles for that one.