Reading List

Shaking off my winter hibernation….


We’re starting to see early signs of spring in the DC area and I’m trying to finish up my winter reading list before I’m spending all my free time outside.

I always end up in a self-improvement mindset after New Years and the excitement around welcoming spring.  Here are a couple books I’m working through now.

Choosing the Simply Luxurious Life: A Modern Woman’s Guide


A great extension of one of my favorite blogs, the books touches on every aspect of life and how we can each improve.  It’s not a book I can read right before bed, I get so excited and energized by the ideas that I can’t sleep! Have a piece of paper and pen ready, you’re bound to come up with lots of ideas. Checkout the blog or podcast, they are both great resources. You can order a signed copy of the book as well through Shannon’s blog 🙂

How to Be an Adult: A Handbook for Psychological and Spiritual Integration


I expected this book to be more of a Dummies’ guide to being an adult, but its much deeper then that. I think of it as therapy in a book. If you take your time and work through each of the chapters it’s a great exercise in self reflection.  Not a lighthearted read by any means but a great book for someone that needs to dig deep.  One of my favorite quotes from the book “Trying without doing is wishing rather than choosing.”

The Sociopath Next Door


I haven’t actually started this book yet, it’s got great reviews and was recommended to me by a psychologist.  Curious to see how much of it translates to my work and dating life, scary! I took a self defense class last month as well, so I’m feeling extra vigilant these days.

Anyone else hanging out in the self-improvement book section? By this summer I’ll transition to some lighter reading – vampire romance and murder mysteries.