New Fosters – Chanel & Darla

After adopting Maya, I took a little break from having fosters in the house.


I wanted to give her a chance to bond with the two adult cats, Coco and Max. As well as recover completely from her upper respiratory infection.

But it didn’t take long and I was ready to help some more little cuties. So last week two sisters, Darla & Chanel arrived ūüôā


Chanel is a spunky all black domestic short hair around 6 months old.  She is a little chatter box! She loves to play in everything and with everyone.  This kitten has no fear of even the meanest of cats (side eye to Max).


Darla is a black/white domestic short hair around six months old. ¬†Darla is more reserved then her sister, I think she needed some time to figure out if we could all be trusted. ¬†After 3-4 days she started to show her playful side and is exploring more of the apartment. Not really into getting affection, I’m working on getting her to trust me and enjoying lap time.

Both of these cuties are available for adoption from Lost Dog Rescue Foundation and will start attending adoption events next weekend!




New Addition – Little Maya


It was inevitable, my first foster failure is little Maya.  She won me over within a week.

Maya came with her brothers Austin and Walt to recuperate from some kennel cough.


All three were little heart breakers. Playful and affectionate with a skill for kitten trouble making. I could have easily kept her brothers as well.


They shared my affinity for serious coma-like naps.


But something about Maya’s sweet nature won me over completely.


This past weekend Walt and Austin were adopted together by a great family, they found their forever homes together!

So the tally now is up to three cats and one dog.

Summer Fun & eSalon Update

Hi Guys!

It’s been a fun summer, I had a chance to take a road trip up the East Coast and finally visit Portland, Maine and a bunch of small towns. ¬†I used AirBnB for the first time and got to check out this adorable rustic cabin on a farm! Loved. It was a great break from tourist attractions, breweries and eating all the lobster rolls.


The cabin was in the pasture so I woke up to these guys hanging outside.


Loved playing tourist and seeing some beautiful new sites, can’t wait to return!


I also took in some new foster kittens from Lost Dog Rescue, they are recovering from some parasites but are so playful and affectionate. They are at least 16 weeks old, so almost teenagers.

Foster kitten

Time to get them adopted while they still have the kitten charm!


A quick update on my review of eSalon, its now been close to 5 weeks since I initially tried the hair color and I’m really impressed with the staying power. ¬†With the boxed hair color (John Frieda) I would see some grey hairs showing through two weeks after applying the color. ¬†The eSalon product is sticking to my greys and even the growth at my roots is not noticeable.

4 Weeks After Coloring

Not my most flattering picture, but no greys!!

I think it has also helped that I’ve been applying their color enhancing treatment once a week to extend the coverage.

eSalon Color Treatment

So I’ll be continuing to use the eSalon hair color, they have an auto-ship service that is easy adjust based on how often you want to color your hair. ¬†I do highly recommend uploading a selfie to their system, they adjusted my color choice based on reviewing my photo and adjusted the¬†hair color from what I initially picked. ¬†Check them out!¬†

What was the highlight of your summer?


Life Lately – Kitten Edition!!

Three weeks ago I took in a little family of six.


I volunteered to be a kitten foster for Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation (LDCRF), my dog Sadie was rescued by them and I’ve always tried to support their organization through donations and eating at the restaurants ūüôā Within a week I got the call that they had a little family (five kittens & mom) that needed my help. ¬†They were transported from a shelter in¬†West Virginia and came straight to my house to recover from the road trip. Since then they’ve been busy eating, sleeping, and investigating. ¬†I have them setup in my guest room with pet beds, toys, and litter boxes.

Seemed liked perfect timing to finally invest in a webcam, I’d feel more comfortable going into the office during the week if I knew things were nice and quite at home. I picked up this guy from Amazon after doing some research, I liked that I can set it up down the road to take motion activated pics.


Turned out to be a great investment, the momma and kittens spent most of the first two weeks under the bed! I could make sure everyone was nursing and healthy without causing further stress.


Night vision mode makes me feel even more like a stalker…


Everyone is growing and thriving, the kittens are now more interactive with each other and their surroundings.


They spend a lot of their play time wrestling each other and testing out their cat skills (arching their backs, pouncing).


Gaining more independence from their mom each day but not quite ready to eat cat food ūüôā




There is one grey stripe, one calico, two grey/white, and one white/orange.


They started using the litter box this week, all I can say is it’s a good thing I have this on hand:


Best. Cleaner. Ever.

If you are interested in any of the kittens or want more information let me know. They’ll be available for adoption by early May, Lost Dog’s cat adoption info can be found here:¬†


Back to Reality

Holidays –¬†done

Sadie is still mad I made her wear the gift bow all day.


First accomplishment of the New Year was taking down¬†the Christmas tree. ¬†This bad boy is straight vintage, I have the original box from when my grandparents bought it in the 1950’s from a department store in downtown Columbus, Ohio.


I didn’t put up a tree last year for fear of the cats attacking it. So this year I found a solution, under that grey wrap that’s serving as a tree skirt is a completely duct taped base. ¬†Yep, used one of my Ikea side tables and made sure that tree could not get knocked off.


It worked! Aside from a few branches that Max managed to pull out, the tree survived.

So even after I persevered to ignore the Holiday shopping pressure, I’m still a bargain shopper at heart. ¬†Here are some steals I managed to gift myself during the after holiday sale blitz.

I took a quick trip to NYC in mid-December and made it a point to do some shopping. ¬†Usually when I visit the city I’m so focused on not getting lost and losing my luggage that I never really buy anything. ¬†This time there was a full afternoon spent scavenging SoHo for some deals.

Best purchase: Uniqlo HeatTech Leggings, $22


It’s about 5 degrees outside today, and I was perfectly comfortable commuting in these leggings. I’d seen other bloggers recommend this brand and so far I’ve been impressed. I’ve washed these a couple times and they are not fading or pilling.

Combined with my new leather boots from Target ($75), I’m styling ūüėČ

Nordstrom is killing it with their merchandise and markdowns lately.  Picked up some adorable pajamas: Sleepyhead Thermal Pajamas, $32.16


And stocked up on some essentials, the Worthington line at JCPenney is now my go to¬†for daily work wear. ¬†Their Modern Trouser Pants,¬†$40, are great quality, come in five different sizing options, can be worn year round, and have a flattering fit. ¬†With over a 1,000 reviews, I’m not the only person sporting them ūüôā


I ordered a couple of their blazers to check out, couldn’t find a lot of deals on suits.

Lastly, I’ll be getting my Olivia Pope on with this dress from Boden:¬†Sixties Wool Shift in Navy ($114)


What’s not going into my closet? These leggings, a gift from the BF. I couldn’t make this up, spandex leggings with an assortment of cats. ¬†He wonders why I won’t try them on……..


Find any good deals this week? Please share ūüôā


Hello there – Life lately

Time flies when you are running around like a crazy person ūüėČ ¬†It’s also tough to post updates on home projects when your place looks like a wreck. Here’s a rundown of what I’ve been up to, looking forward to getting back into project mode on the blog.

Took a trip to Texas to visit my sister in her new city of Houston, favorite part was visiting a goat farm and learning how to milk a goat!



Then back to reality, the floor project is still at 95% complete, need to rip the carpet out of the closets. ¬†Happy with results and hope it’s a long time before I attempt it again! Here’s a shot of the guest room mid-install and after.



My project focus has been a little side tracked by starting a new relationship, luckily the boyfriend is in to home improvements and isn’t scared of a concrete counter top project. ¬†For Halloween I convinced him to take part in a scavenger hunt that involved dressing up as bakers and forcing the dogs into cupcake costumes.



Since wrapping up the flooring I also replaced some appliances in my kitchen. ¬†When I first moved in three and a half years ago I had mismatched appliances with both the fridge and the dishwasher being a yellow “bisque” color.


I was well aware that a mouse had been living in the back of the fridge, but didn’t realize it was also traveling to the dishwasher are on the other side of the kitchen.


When I pulled out the dishwasher I found the evidence. Yep, that’s mouse poop.


I guess at least I know its clean now…………

Sears had some Veteran’s Day weekend deals that I grabbed up to upgrade to all matching white appliances. I got this Kenmore fridge for $427.79 with free delivery, $78 in shop your way coupon points, and used ebates to earn an additional $14 in cash back.


I then used the $78 coupon points to purchase a Kenmore dishwasher, total price $298.72 and $7 in ebates cash back.


Now the bright and shiny appliances are making it even more obvious how much I need to get rid of the beige cabinets.  I have a blueish gray paint just waiting for a long weekend to tackle.


So that’s where I’ve been the past month, thanks for checking out my blog and looking forward to more projects to come!


Friday Randoms

Spring? Where are you?  Sadie and I have been making the most of the slightly warmer weather.  We went for two hikes recently both in Maryland parks.

Piscataway Park

A quick 35-40 minute drive from Alexandria, the park is on the Maryland side of the Potomac River. ¬†The best part, farm animals!! ¬†Sadie got up close and personal with some huge cows, goats, sheep, and turkeys. ¬†There’s also a fishing pier and plenty of spots to sit by the shore of the Potomac and watch the boats go by. ¬†Not crowded, entrance and parking is free ūüôā


I’ve been trying out some of the trails around Baltimore with my friend Pamela, this past weekend we went to the Hilton area of Patapsco Valley State Park. ¬†Next time I’ll park where the locals do, paid $6 to get into the park. ¬†Otherwise a fun 4 mile loop with plenty of water and fun views. ¬†About ten minutes into the hike Sadie pulled me into a creek, it was a pretty warm day so I pushed on and air dried. ¬†There are a couple bridges you can cross and a couple beachy areas where families picnic all summer and swim.


I made a trip to Ohio recently to visit my parents and help wish this guy a Happy 90th Birthday!! That’s my sister on the left, and yes, we took him to Bob Evans for a Bday lunch. All important events in Ohio are celebrated at Bob Evans, FYI.


My brother had sent my grandfather an amazon birthday package which included a visor with a fake head of hair. ¬†Grandpa has been bald for about 40 years, so he got a big kick out of it and wore it around all day. ¬†He’s probably still wearing it……..

On the way back from Ohio my sister and I transported two dogs to a rescue in Columbia, Maryland, Mutts Matter. ¬†The area where my parents’ live has overflowing animal shelters. ¬†We follow the local rescue One by One Animal Advocates¬†on Facebook, and they post when they need local rescue animals transported to other states. ¬†Rescues in the DC area tend to find homes quickly for animals that have been sitting in rural shelters for months. ¬†That’s also how I got Sadie ūüôā

The first dog is  Hope, a Schnauzer Papillon mix



I had no clue until after the transport how much this poor dog had been through.  Check out the video the local shelter made about her rescue:

Hope is a sweetheart, you’d never know she was in such a horrible state. ¬†She’s still available for adoption.

The other dog we transported is Emerald, aka Emmy, a Yorkie mix


Perfect little portable puppy! Also a sweetheart, loves sitting on laps and getting your full attention.  Emmy came very close to being euthanized at the shelter.  Luckily One by One intervened and she has been in a foster home since.  Emmy is also still available, check out her profile at

It was a great feeling to help these dogs get new homes, I’m sure one day I’ll see them strutting down Georgetown and they won’t even say hi ūüėČ And I won’t lie, the first 30 minutes of the car ride I was scheming on how to adopt them myself.

Hope you have a great weekend planned!