Taking the 80’s out of my Bathroom Vanities

Ever since I moved into my place, I’ve been working to get the 1980’s builder basics upgraded.  I bought the place from a little old lady that hadn’t touched a thing.  Gradually, and with a limited budget, I’ve been working to make the place feel more like my own.  This past week I tackled the basic oak bathroom vanities in both bathrooms.  (Kitten shot, free of charge)


After seeing Young House Love approach a similar counter/cabinet combo, I decided to copy their method, even using the same color of PolyShades in Espresso Satin.


I won’t bore you with every step, I pretty much followed their technique and also spray painted my old hinges.


Quick shot before I took all the doors off. Then a shot of the twenty year old hinges to spray.


Then two light coats of primer. This was my first time using the primer spray and I could tell a huge improvement in the spray paint adhesion and cover.242


Then finally two light coats of Satin Nickel, good as new! It was crazy cold this past week, so I would shake up the spray paint can inside, then run out just to apply the paint. I then brought the hinges back inside to dry. No issues with freezing or drips.


I applied two coats of the PolyShades to the doors and cabinets with a natural bristle brush.  I really liked the consistency of the stain, much less watery then normal stain and I felt like I had more control during the application.  The door on the left below has just had the second coat applied, the one on the right has only the first coat.



I had to be patient and let the hinges set over a couple days.  As well as let the cabinets dry completely and brush with steel wool between coats.

Then, ta da, modern vanity that works with the off white counter tops.


Hinges look great!


The main bathroom vanity is updated too, here’s the before. And yes, that’s off white carpet, control your jealousy.


And the after, one of these days I hope to add another base cabinet.  I’m counting on one of my neighbors gutting their bathroom and putting the old one on the curb!


I didn’t get a single spot on the carpet!


The project cost me:

PolyShades $12.87

Rustoleum spray paint $14.00

Steel wool $3.00

Hinges & Handles: already owned

Wins: No paw prints or emergency trips to the vet

Fails: Installed the hinges backwards, then hung the doors upside down. Fun Times.

I know the 80’s fashion is back in style, but I don’t see the home décor making a come back.

How about you? Keeping your place authentically vintage or going modern?

Have a great week!


Mirror Makeover

I found an antique mirror in Birmingham Alabama that had great lines, but a very boring white paint finish.

The beginning

Using one can of Rustoleum spray paint in Lagoon Blue and one can of clear lacquer finish, I was able to refinish the mirror to a more modern look.


I used painters tape and newspaper to protect the mirror area, then used thin layers of the blue paint to build and evenly cover the mirror.


Its easy to think that when using spray paint, you can rush through the job.  But being patient and using thin layers, ensures you use only enough paint to cover and avoid drips.