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Holidays – done

Sadie is still mad I made her wear the gift bow all day.


First accomplishment of the New Year was taking down the Christmas tree.  This bad boy is straight vintage, I have the original box from when my grandparents bought it in the 1950’s from a department store in downtown Columbus, Ohio.


I didn’t put up a tree last year for fear of the cats attacking it. So this year I found a solution, under that grey wrap that’s serving as a tree skirt is a completely duct taped base.  Yep, used one of my Ikea side tables and made sure that tree could not get knocked off.


It worked! Aside from a few branches that Max managed to pull out, the tree survived.

So even after I persevered to ignore the Holiday shopping pressure, I’m still a bargain shopper at heart.  Here are some steals I managed to gift myself during the after holiday sale blitz.

I took a quick trip to NYC in mid-December and made it a point to do some shopping.  Usually when I visit the city I’m so focused on not getting lost and losing my luggage that I never really buy anything.  This time there was a full afternoon spent scavenging SoHo for some deals.

Best purchase: Uniqlo HeatTech Leggings, $22


It’s about 5 degrees outside today, and I was perfectly comfortable commuting in these leggings. I’d seen other bloggers recommend this brand and so far I’ve been impressed. I’ve washed these a couple times and they are not fading or pilling.

Combined with my new leather boots from Target ($75), I’m styling 😉

Nordstrom is killing it with their merchandise and markdowns lately.  Picked up some adorable pajamas: Sleepyhead Thermal Pajamas, $32.16


And stocked up on some essentials, the Worthington line at JCPenney is now my go to for daily work wear.  Their Modern Trouser Pants, $40, are great quality, come in five different sizing options, can be worn year round, and have a flattering fit.  With over a 1,000 reviews, I’m not the only person sporting them 🙂


I ordered a couple of their blazers to check out, couldn’t find a lot of deals on suits.

Lastly, I’ll be getting my Olivia Pope on with this dress from Boden: Sixties Wool Shift in Navy ($114)


What’s not going into my closet? These leggings, a gift from the BF. I couldn’t make this up, spandex leggings with an assortment of cats.  He wonders why I won’t try them on……..


Find any good deals this week? Please share 🙂